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The History Of Sport Volley Ball

Volleyball game, volleyball invented by William G. Morgan in 1985. he was a physical education coach at the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) in the city of Holyoke, Massachusetts, AmerikaSerikat. The name of the game in the beginning called "Minonette" is almost similar to badminton game. Number of players here is not limited in accordance with its original purpose, namely to develop physical fitness workers do physical exercises in addition to the missal. William G. Morgan later continue his idea to develop the game in order to reach the sport that competed.

The name of the game then became "volley ball, which means more or less made volibola
Volleyball game entered the official events in PON II, 1951 in Jakarta and Yogyakarta POM I in 1951. after 1962, the development of volleyball bnola like mushrooms grow in the rainy season the number of volleyball clubs in all corners of the country.

This is evident also with the participant data match in the national championship. PON and other sporting parties, where the figures show an increase in number. It may be said to date a volleyball game in Indonesia ranks third after football and badminton.

For the first time in history volley ball Indonesia, PBVSI been able to send Indonesian junior volleyball team to the World Championships in Athens Greece that runs from 3-12 September 1989. junior men's volleyball team is coached by Yano Indonesia Hadian Kanwar assisted by trainers, and coaches from Japan Hideto Nishioka, whereas physical trainer handed over to Engkos Kosasih from the field of coaching PKON (national sports health center) OFFICE Menpora. In men's volleyball world championship, as the winner is:

* The Soviet Union
* Cuba
* Japanese
* Greece
* Brazil
* Poland
* Bulagaria

While new to Indonesia's own ranks to 15.
In the period under the leadership of General chairman PBVSI General (Pol) Drs. Mochamad Sanusi, perbolavolian increasing both the number of existing associations and of the smooth system of competition that took place,; up to activities conducted both inside and outside the country.

Demonstration game hosted by both teams, as well as explanations that have been submitted by the Morgan-have also brought a change in Mintonette. The first change that happened in the game came on his name. At the suggestion of Professor Alfred T. Halstead is also watching and paying attention to demonstration and explanation of Morgan, the name was changed to Mintonette-Volleyball (volleyball). Selection of Volleyball as a substitute name-even Mintonette not done without consideration.

Volleyball The name was chosen based on the major movements contained in that game, the movement hit the ball before the ball fell to the ground (volleyball). At first, the name was spelled-Volleyball separately (two words), namely "Volley Ball." Then in 1952, the Administrative Committee USVBA (United States Volleyball Association) chose to spell the name in one word, namely "Volleyball". USVBA volleyball is a sport of unity contained in the United States. This association was first established in 1928, and currently USVBA better known by the name of USAV (USA Voleyball). After the demonstration, the YMCA committee promised to learn the rules of the game that has been written and submitted by Morgan.
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